‘Most of their music would fall into the genre of post-punk, though after a listen to this new single, “Shops”, you’ll see why the band sort of defies general classification. With an inspiration from punk, or post punk, Alternative Milks take the somewhat tired genre and offer these small hints of pop music and a little playfulness to really make the song enjoyable to all music lovers. You’ll find “Shops” to be a tad silly but also fun as hell.’ – Austin Town Hall

Bristol-based alt-rock quartet alternative milks are about to make your non-dairy dreams come true. Imagine you’re having an existential crisis and you’re kind of enjoying it. You cry, you dance, you’re angry – but dammit you’re okay with it.

From what started as bedroom demos from frontman Mike Jordan has now developed and grown into what it is today, still maintaining the same lo-fi quality. Angular guitar, playful vocals and a beat that just won’t quit; they’re sure to satisfy your sonic receivers.

Although a fairly new outfit, alternative milks have already caught the attention of the likes of BBC Introducing, Amazing Radio and Indie Is Not A Genre whilst making their way onto the Bristol music circuit.

Sound best when wearing socks and sandals.




bookings/enquiries: alternativemilkz@gmail.com